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@2019 Two Dozen 

Our Story

Two Dozen is a UK handcraft accessory brand.  We love dessert making and unique handcraft accessories, so why not combine both! That's how Two Dozen was born. We want everyone to wear something wonderful and be joyful all day and  what better then wearing your favourite dessert to brighten your outfit.  And now Two Dozen can create this delightful unique products just for you!
All our accessories are made to order, and created by hand, so every piece is uniquely created for you.  Our accessories are also perfect gift tailor made for your family, friends and your partner.
You can find out more of our story through our products! 
Of course everyone has their own favourite dessert, so we also offer an unique service to create a special design accessories just for you. We know every dessert might have their own story between you and your love. Please contact us immediately to get your special gift today!
Two Dozen email: twodozenuk@gmail.com